What's everyone working on this week (19/2016)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Assuming I’m not still feeling ill, adding the a HIR to mrustc (which then will be able to be type checked!)


Just released the outcome of my queue experiments as the lossyq crate on crates.io. I will improve docs and tests for it this week.


Getting my Wren low-level bindings up-to-date and getting the high-level bindings updated to use them. Then I need to focus on adding more features to wren-rs.


Had some downtime from my Elasticsearch client while serde was out of action on nightly but picking it back up again now that all is moving.

Building some samples for leaf. There isn’t much there yet, but the goal is to get a useful Docker container out of it that be used for hosting CUDA based leaf networks.


Just posted New Rustacean Bonus 5: Better than open source contributions, which tackles a topic not at all specific to Rust but incredibly important to the community of open-source developers in which we find ourselves. (Open source is awesome. Making it a prereq for jobs that aren’t working on open-source is less so.)


@zcdziura What’s the running time of the bundled example on x86_64? On ARM, I’d left it running before going to bed a while ago and it still didn’t finish in the morning :slight_smile:

EDIT: The multiply example takes just 12s on 32-bit x86 so the code is broken going into some sort of infinite loop on ARM.


@PeteVine Certainly not that long! Are you running the tests in release? I.E. cargo test --release? Running on x86_64, the tests don’t take too long (though the benchmarks are certainly longer). About 1-5s to generate a Prime, depending on the bit-length.


This week I’ve been working on my Web framework edge. I finished porting the framework to the asynchronous branch of hyper. It was also my first time using Box and writing unsafe code in Rust :slight_smile: (not strictly necessary, but the safe choice was more complicated and suboptimal).