What's everyone working on this week (18/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I’m working on Magnet, a #[derive] macro for generating MongoDB-flavored JSON schema specification from a Rust type, in order to automatically validate inserted documents, much like it would be done with an RDBMS’ schema.

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I'm working on HippoPlayer https://github.com/emoon/HippoPlayer

(WIP Screenshot, not finally by a long shot)

Current I'm restructuring so plugins can create UIs and pass messages between each-other and things like that.


More work on uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis). I finished review on a couple huge PRs from /u/Aehmlo to add 8 new quantities! I also spent a bit of time investigating why the rustc privacy checking phase is taking forever.


Interesting project @emoon :slightly_smiling_face:
I was just wondering how are the binding between Rust and Qt! Is there any crate we can use ?
Having heavily worked with PyQt and PySide, am interested in exploring Rust and Qt together :smile:

Well! Am still learning Rust and at the same time updating my Rust-Gist project! Now am in the second half of the book and getting the hang of it! :tada::smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: So I made by own crate for Rust bindings for Qt because I didn’t find anyone that fitted my needs. My approach has been “expose what I need” and don’t try to convert whole Qt over. That allows me to make decision on what I need instead of trying to “cram” Qt into Rust. What I do is to have a “definition file” that I parse and auto-generate code from.

Now that I think about it maybe I should write something up more in detail how it works but its not something that is usable for a wider audience right now.


I’ve implemented inserting, updating of records in diwata.

The server code is transitioning away from rocket and using hyper directly since the api code doesn’t benefit much of rocket’s ergonomic routing. In effect, once this is merged the project could then be built with the stable compiler. The new routing is derive from nrc/cargo-src. It turns out it was easier than I thought it would be, and as a result the routing has lesser code and can be shared with the desktop version which can call directly to the route end point instead of having to conditionally call the rocket routing methods.

Yesterday I finnished transitioning from a debug timer to using propper hardware timers in my signal analyser monocle. This means that it can now run as a standalone device using only one USB port :slight_smile:

Before going back to the original project which prompted my need for a signal analyser, I think I will write a blog post or something about using rust in an embedded project.

I’ve read many requests within this community for more examples, more tutorials, and more real-world applications of Rust concepts, so I’m working on a video series: Learn Rust Through Game Programming using the wonderful ggez.

I aim to echo the structure of The Book itself, as that content is excellent, and structured repetition aids learning.

I finally managed to publish the first version of LPC82x HAL last week (I also released lpc82x 0.3). This week I’ve started working on LPC82x HAL 0.2. I’m still in the middle of figuring out what I want to go into the release. So far I know that I’d like to update the SWM (switch matrix) API and simplify how hardware state is managed at compile-time.


Started working on diffile over the weekend. If you feel things can be written in a better way then DM me / create an issue / send me a PR

I’m working on Drops of Diamond, a sharding implementation to scale Ethereum.

Created a slim desktop version for diwata.
Binary size is ~10mb, no ports opened by the app therefore you can spawn multiple instances connecting to different databases.

Also for macOs.



FYI I have started documenting / setting up the project over here https://github.com/emoon/Rute still very much WIP

randomize is the best new library for quick and dirty randomization.

I’m trying to build a small HM-style type inference engine

I started to integrate some Unified Modeling Language (UML) (sequence diagrams) into the documentation of rs_pbrt:



Otherwise I’m back to Metropolis Light Transport (MLT) …

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Trying to learn rust :sweat_smile:

Still in the very initial stages though. Going through that “rust by example” book. Though if there’s a tutorial available for rust with some projects like many other languages do then that’d be awesome :slight_smile:

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Hi Desmond, Welcome to the rust forums!
You probably wanted to post this in this weeks topic: What's everyone working on this week (42/2018)?
(This one is 5 months old, but to be honest, it has tripped me up a couple of times too!)