What's everyone working on this week (17/2024)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I started working on making my BTreeMap "memory optimised", that is use as little memory as possible. This involves storing lengths in the parent, and is a little bit "messy" but should in the end reduce memory usage quite significantly. It also stores keys in a distinct array from values, which is should be more cache-friendly. btree_experiment/src/lessmem.rs at main · georgebarwood/btree_experiment · GitHub

struct Leaf<K, V, const N: usize> {
    keys: MaybeUninit<[K; N]>,
    vals: MaybeUninit<[V; N]>,
enum CA<K, V, const N: usize, const M: usize> {
    L(MaybeUninit<[Box<Leaf<K, V, N>>; M]>),
    NL(MaybeUninit<[Box<NonLeaf<K, V, N, M>>; M]>),

struct NonLeaf<K, V, const N: usize, const M: usize> {
    leaf: Leaf<K, V, N>,
    c: CA<K, V, N, M>,
    clen: [u8; M],