What's everyone working on this week (17/2017)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Got distracted by serde and its recent zero-copy APIs. I’ve been playing with how to make the most of that in various libraries.

Also looking at how to replace rustc_serialize with serde in tantivy this week. The individual data structures aren’t too complex there so it should be fairly straightforward :slight_smile:


Still processing the many replies to my return on experience of porting a numerical simulation to Rust. Next plan is to finish personal code clean-up, integrate more of the feedback that I received here, do a round of physics/documentation review, and publish the full source here in order to collect further comments.

Also, I’m currently going through Coursera’s crypto MOOC and trying to use Rust for the programming exercises. It’s been a very positive experience so far. I’m highly impressed by how well Rust managed to meld the the imperative, object-oriented and functional philosophies. IMO, the mixture feels much more polished and less tacked together than in the other languages I’ve tried before which attempted to go in this direction (Scala, OCaml, C++, Python).


v0.13.0 of uom has been released to crates.io! This week will be working through open issues.


Refactoring the next version of the Thrift runtime library to avoid Rc and Box in the user-visible API. WIP is in this branch, and requires you to build the Thrift compiler from source. If you’re using the Rust Thrift binding library I’d love to hear from you!


Still playing with catmark, my markdown terminal reader. The code has a tendency to be ugly but hey, that’s my first real rust project !


Preparing materials for the first whole day Rust Festival in Mexico City on June 17th!