What's everyone working on this week (16/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Lots of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) changes on the go: couple different test improvements are halfway done, ratio (dimensionless) is done in my dev branch, and thermodynamic temperature/temperature interval changes are in another dev branch. Also have a PR from /u/aehmlo under review.

Let me slightly paraphrasing it “New week, new to Rust” :smiley:

Trying to dig into Rust via rust-clippy https://github.com/rust-lang-nursery/rust-clippy/issues/2377

Trying to squeeze some more throughput out of mpeg2ts-reader by switching from Box<T> to an ‘enum-switch’ in the hot loop.

Then, worrying that this change makes the API harder to use!

Starting to learn rust and getting the hang of it…
In the process documenting the the gist of what am learning https://cg-cnu.github.io/rust-lang-gist/
Source is here https://github.com/cg-cnu/rust-lang-gist and contributions are welcome! :smile:

I’ve been working on my signal analyser monocle. I’m now at a stage where I can read multiple signals simoultaneously, send them to the computer and display them on a webpage.

I was going to work on visualisation and triggers but yesterday I ran into an issue where my serial data does not always arrive which i’ll have to sort out.

This week I received a warning that my crate seq failed the Api-Doc tests. So I spent some time to refurbish the documentation and publishing release 0.5.0

The crate seq is used to link unmovable data elements in hierarchical function-scopes, forming a sequence. Sub-Sequences can be shared between sequences, permitting efficient, compact memory layout.

Updating to 1.27-nightly the benchmarks of “seq” are now outperforming std::collections::LinkedList, with lower variance.

Working on the issue “Debug volume-caustic scene #46”. I fixed the spotlight problem already. Now I have to focus on two remaining problems:

  1. Why do rays, which hit no geometry, ignore (during bi-directional path tracing [bdpt]) the image used with an infinite light source?
  2. Why is the homogeneous medium not detected and rendered correctly?

After that I can switch back to the implementation of the MLTIntegrator

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