What's everyone working on this week (16/2016)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Trying to add serde support to rust-geojson. My current approach of keeping things as DRY as possible alongside rustc-serialize has some issues. If anyone has experience porting a rustc-serialize project to serde while keeping both available I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Trying to come up with ideas on how to make Tera (template engine) typesafe, if you have ideas please post on https://github.com/Keats/tera/issues/24

Development in on halt until this question is solved.

Lastly, looking for contributors to help as well once a decision has been reached on the type safety


I’m fixing bugs in rustup, and working on a “production users” page of the website.


Implementing features and fixing bugs in snowpatch so that v0.2 will be usable for our semi-production environment.

Starting to think a bit further down the track about features I want to see in a few months from now, and how I can refactor things now to make life easier later. I’m also going to have to start investigating template engines and so on, as I’m considering adding a report generator.


I’ve been working on this improvement to .zip(). I have kind of been mindful of the zip situation for some time, and with specialization we can finally make the straight forward rust code you want to write not suck performance wise.


I renamed tldr-rs to tealdeer and released it on crates.io:

It’s a full implementation of a tldr pages client. Tldr pages are something like manpages reduced to usage examples.


I’ve been having tons of fun with my infinite canvas program koko.

Just now I finally got to merge a branch that ports the engine & renderer from rust-sdl2 over to glium. Considering I knew practically nothing about using OpenGL directly this was quite the learning experience.

However I’m pretty happy with where I ended up:

  • much better memory usage (both in RAM & VRAM)
  • much better FPS even in debug builds (120FPS all the time except when the CPU is busy choking on drawing the “temporary” path when adding a new stroke)
  • got rid of a bunch of buffer shuffling code (for now anyways)

Also I’ve got to say: it was really nice looking at glium’s code and rustdocs versus trying to figure out how rust-sdl2 is calling SDL2; then figuring out what that SDL2 code is trying to do on my various hardware configurations, etc.

There’s tons of work left to be done of course, like learning how to actually draw paths. Maybe I’ll save that for next week.


Work on https://github.com/emoon/ProDBG is progressing. More and more code has been moved over to Rust and basic parts of the UI is coming up. Still no actual debugging is possible yet.