What's everyone working on this week (11/2017)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Trying to build a general abstraction for asynchronous operation monitoring, starting implementation with the special case of one thread delegating work to another because that’s the scenario I’m most familiar with.

Ultimately, I would like to extend the abstraction to smaller scales (coroutines) and larger scales (interprocess, non-CPU hardware, remote procedure calls).

The idea would be that no matter how far your worker is, you can communicate with it using an interface that is reasonably consistent, yet as efficient as possible for the communication perimeter at hand.

I have some top-down interface design on paper, but it seems to me that Rust lends itself better to doing the implementation bottom-up.

  • Getting speaker training set up for RustFest
  • Trying to get all people working on CouchDB things under one umbrella
  • A few other RustFest things
  • Writing proposals for https://polyconf.com


Got an initial release of cargo-nuget on crates.io. This week I’ll get back to playing with tokio from C#.


Getting back to work on intellij-rust after a vacation in Paris :slight_smile:

And the last week I have given my first talk about Rust in English (slides, targeting Java devs with safe concurrency and dense data structures) and have written my first blog post: https://matklad.github.io/2017/03/12/min-of-three.html :slight_smile:


I will hopefully find some time to finish re-writing how the Model shares content with the Viewer in my text editor.

Check it out:

Once I do that, and fix a few small bugs. I will share it with the wider community. Looking forward to comments and learning everything I am doing wrong. Which is probably a lot since I am still learning Rust.


See you at RustFest :slight_smile:
Interested to hear what you are doing with CouchDB.


Continuing work on an SSH server. It’s been pretty smooth sailing as far as Rust goes, but tracking down the RFCs and implementation details of the various parts that make up an SSH connection has been pretty frustrating :confused: Wireshark has been super helpful in figuring out connection issues though.


CI setup, a little bit of work on unit comments/abbreviations/descriptions, and lots of issues for uom last week. Probably going to try to find some time to work through the issues this week.