What's everyone working on this week (10/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm experimenting writing a game where you program an AI to fight other players' AIs (or build cities, or colonize spaces, for example).

This is inspired from LeekWars where you program leeks, but in a language that resembles JavaScript (with most of the downsides). So I'm currently trying to set up a WASM executor and interface (the player compiles their AI from whatever language into WASM, and send the WASM to the server, which executes it in a sandbox). It seems sc-executor-wasmtime from Substrate (the blockchain framework) has everything I need: deterministic WASM sandboxing and FFI generation.

I'm also open to ideas about game design: the available programmable characters may be Ferris, rust fungi, oxide... both centralized intelligent entities (with a big AI), and little, locally stupid but socially efficient colonies like ants or mycelia (with a very constrained AI).

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Building a jira-tui while learning rust at the same time.

Shameless plugs -
GitHub: GitHub - moali87/jirust: Jira terminal UI
Twitch: Twitch

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