What's everyone working on this week (1/2021)?

New year, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm back from my end-of-year vacation, and back to working on Step/Dir. Before my vacation started, I've made the interface non-blocking and since coming back, I've got a whole lot of my outstanding pull requests merged.

Next, I'm updating the documentation in preparation of getting another release out.

Trying to get my head around how to use Yew. In fact that has been my Yewl Tide project.

As usual I find it impossible to even get started with it from reading the docs on docs.rs. And once again I find that all the blogs and such I have found about using Yew are so many version behind nothing even compiles.

Very slow going. Anyone know of some nice, simple, up to date, intro to Yew tutorial?

Personally, I'd just use an older version for which the tutorials were made, if the documentation for the current version is sparse.

I'm currently working on a custom allocator. Getting a lock-free one in a multi-threaded environment to work is quite difficult and when I thought I was done, I got an unexpected panic in the benchmark. Debugging will be fun…

I thought about that. I was worried I might dig a hole for myself and one day find there was a lot of work to do to bring whatever I created up to date. I'm not so happy with those old tutorials or the Yew examples anyway, too much code thrown at you at once with little explanation. My mind needs something much simpler, a few lines at a time, which at least compiles at each step.

Guess I'll have to write my own Yew intro blog. If I ever get what I'm doing working...

I'm still working on SnDjVu. I have unproven implementations of some of the codecs now and am messing around with DjVuLibre (the reference implementation in C++) to get some data to compare to. As part of this I'm planning to publish the test data independently at GitHub - sndjvu/djvu-tests: test data for DjVu implementations, probably as a bunch of JSON files, for use by other projects.

They're not tutorials exactly but the stuff in the examples/ directory in the main Yew repo might be helpful? Looks pretty extensive.

Yes, thanks. Actually I started wading through the examples today. It's a gold mine. But hard digging.

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