What's a good place to discuss a potential crate design?

I'm currently working on a crate for an actor system, and the features I'm wanting are complicated enough that I'm considering building a DSL for it. While I feel other people might find my system useful, I know there's quite a lot of crates for that already floating around, so I was hoping to be able to ask the wider community for feedback on the design, in terms of what features people (don't) need from these sorts of systems, whether the DSL I'm creating is understandable, etc. I am not exactly looking for a code review, because I want to have at least some feedback before I start writing too much code.

Is there a good place to have this sort of discussion, besides just an uncategorised topic here? Or is it a better idea to get a working version and post it for proper code review?


It's definitely fine to ask design/architecture questions here. Indeed that's probably a good idea before spending too much of your time writing code that you'll potentially throw away.


FWIW, I've now written that question, and I'd agree it's a good idea, especially something this involved.

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