What would I need to submit a request to add support for my kernel (std)

Hello there! I'm still fairly new to this stuff, so bear with me. I have been working on my own operating system for about a year now, and I recently wrote the kernel, but in Rust. I love this language, and I use it as the main language of my OS. I know that I cannot use the standard library, as my kernel is running on bare-metal, and std lacks support for it. I have seen other similar kernels (such as Redox and Hermit), that have official support from std, and I was wondering what I would need to receive such support for my kernel.

I'm still in the beginning stages of development, but when I commit to a project, I go all out. I want to know what I would need, so I can work towards that goal.

Also, does anybody have a resource to learn about porting libraries, from std, to core/alloc?


You may be interested in: Target Tier Policy - The rustc book which describes the official policy for accepting tier 3 targets.

Though at this stage I would highly recommend asking on Internals or Zulip. That's where most compiler devs hang out.

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Thank you very much, chrisd! I will look into the resources you linked in your response!

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