What would be the easiest crate for 2D graphics in Rust?

I am not looking for an entire game engine, nor any "game framework". I just want something that can render sprites and shapes in a window, without me having to deal with all the lower level plumbing of OpenGL, Vulkan, or w/e.

I would prefer something with hardware acceleration, though software rendering might be fine if the performance impact is negligible.

Thanks in advance to everyone!


Take a look at SFML for Rust. I've used in C++ and it was a really fun and easy to use library!

It does have hardware acceleration.

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I've also used SFML in the past, but I didn't know it was hardware accelerated, thanks!

SFML uses OpenGL under the hood. So you have the combination of the performance and hardware acceleration of OpenGL but with the ease of use from SFML.

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There are multiple ways of using it:

  • building paths manually
  • canvas api
  • vector a lightweight abstraction over backends including pathfinder, raqote and SVG

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