What to do when a crate doesn't have documentation?

I'm pretty sure this crate doesn't have documentation and I don't know if I should just use one of the examples that is very similar to what I want to do and tinker with it or try to understand the code, until I know how to do what I want to do?

Depends on your confidence - the names of the functions and structs seemed self documenting. If you have domain knowledge, they should make sense to you.
Moreover, since you already have found proper examples that suit your need, I think you're good to go.

The repo links to the ffmpeg docs, which makes sense when it's a wrapper crate. That's probably your best bet.

I'm surprised that there's now two abandoned ffmeg crates though. https://crates.io/search?q=ffmpeg lists a few other options, but not popular ones. Nobody's ported it to Rust yet? :yum:

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