What should I learn after completing the Rust book?

I am at the chapter 16 now and I understand that I'm goin to finish the book soon, so I would like to ask what should I learn after reading the book if I have no system programming background. Are there books about system programming using Rust (advanced Rust books) you wouls recommend?
Or may be I should read some "general" books about operating systems and learn some Rust crates for system programming?

I would encourage you to try to use the language to build something, and when you get stuck, look up the thing you're running into trouble with, or ask about it on this forum. You'll learn the things as you need them that way.

If you want more stuff to read, here are some resources:

  1. Rust for Rustaceans
  2. Learn Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists
  3. The Rustonomicon
  4. Tokio tutorial

But I think it also depends on what you are using Rust for. For example, if you want to build a web server, the stuff you should read is quite different than if you want to build a game.


I can't endorse this enough!

Programming is like a craft and the only way you will master it is by practice - books can only take you so far.

Some common programs I like to make when learning a new language:

  • Parser and interpreter for a toy language (e.g. a Lisp)
  • CLI tool for automating some aspect of my system
    • my backlight buttons weren't working for some reason so I created a program to manually write to the files under /sys/class/backlight/ and directly tell the kernel to change my backlight brightness
    • a program that downloads every repository I own on GitHub and GitLab as well as all the repos I've starred so I can browse them without the internet and have a local copy, running git fetch if it's already been downloaded

If you want to learn more about systems programming specifically, I'm a big fan of Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective. It uses C as its working language, but the same concepts are applicable to Rust code.


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