What should a beginner keep in mind while learning rust if he comes from Java,Ruby background?

Hi guys,

Im new to Rust !!! and im very excited about it!!!

Since i come from a OOP Background(Java,ruby) what should i keep on mind while learning this wicked fast ,killer language? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can recommend checking out the links here https://www.rust-lang.org/en-US/documentation.html and esp the second edition of the book https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/second-edition/


Yeah, the second edition of the book is really good, I believe it totally pays off to spend a weekend reading it. I’d also recommend not trying to think to hard about best practices and/or learning all the fancy stuff at first.

Might I also link to these two blog posts? :slight_smile:


Be wary of trying to bring along the standard ways of doing things in OOP languages. Remember to try enum+match instead of inherit+instanceof, for example.


The thing that tripped me the most is that despite Rust looking OOP at some points (it has self for example), it absolutely isn’t an OO language.