What’s everyone working on this week? (Week 41, 2015)


Have a look at Mentoring newcomers to the Rust ecosystem as well, and see if your crate(s) want to participate in the mentorship program.

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This week, I’m continuing work on designing the overarching abstractions for https://github.com/cybergeek94/wingui. No opportunity to mentor yet but probably soon as I get the framework in place for implementing widgets, both as abstractions for those provided by the system and custom ones provided by WinGUI, for, e.g. layout hierarchies, which Windows doesn’t provide (at least I think it doesn’t).

So if you’re a Windows user and interested in getting your hands dirty with FFI, especially Rust functions being called from C, then keep an eye on this project because it’s going to start getting really interesting before long. I’ll probably be ready for mentoring sometime early next month.

However, this isn’t meant to be a fully fledged Windows-specific GUI toolkit. It’s only meant as a safe abstraction over the Windows APIs for the Windows backend of my upcoming KISS-UI rewrite which will have a GTK+ backend for Linux and a Cocoa backend for OS X.


I’m putting together a new blog post about what’s new in Rustful and I’ll probably publish it within the next few days. I have already added a few issues with “Easy” labels and I’m, of course, always be happy to mentor anyone who would like give them a try.


This week, I’m working on finishing up my bindings to UDT, and then hopefully doing some neat things with UDT :smile: Challanges have included writing good docs and handling platform specific code.


I’m hacking on an implementation of everyone’s favorite search tool Ack/Ag here: https://github.com/birkenfeld/ruthenium

It’s already faster than Ag for most timings I do (missing a few features though), due to much better use of my 4 cores. Yay fearless concurrency :smiley:

Everyone’s welcome to contribute!


Could you file some easy bugs and let me know? I’ll add it to the list of crates that should go up on the page.

@DroidLogician Please ping me when you’re ready to start mentoring!


@Manishearth I’ve added a few E-easy issues for adding tests to cargo-open that I’ve tried to describe adequately, I’d love for it to be on the mentoring page :slight_smile: I probably won’t be working on that much this week unless other people do :smile:

I’m also slowly making additions/corrections to rustlings – i’ve gotten a few submissions and issues and I would love to have more!!

Also, I’m now maintaining the most up-to-date Rust textmate bundle, and I have a few things I’d like to change about it. That’s probably what I’ll be working on most this week. I’d love to get feedback from other people using it-- I know what I like/don’t like about it but I don’t know what parts other people use!

EDIT: Almost forgot, last week I poked a few rust-lang E-easy issues to get clarification on them because I don’t think they’re definitely easy; I might do a few more of those this week. I’m working on oldest first :smile:


Awesome. Will add to the mentoring page when I make it.

I’m doing the same for Rust, just going top-down and much slower.


Writing an ICO format decoder for Piston’s “image” crate. Eventually this can be used in Servo for displaying favicons.