What’s everyone working on this week (40/2016)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I am working on new features of git-journal, like:

  • Custom commit message template support, which will be used for commit preparation.
  • Multiple template extensions, like custom header/footer or other different custom fields.
  • Generation of default templates based on commits within a given commit rage.
  • Custom sorting methods for the default and template based output.
  • Commit message validation via provided template



I have just published a teeny tiny crate to get a semantic representation of the Linux kernel version on the currently running system as I found myself needing the capability twice in the last week.

Over the next few days I’ll be looking at implementing a small API service in Rust to offer some extended capabilities to our managed security service providers, most likely using Iron.


I was working this weekend on the graph library petgraph and it is version 0.3.0 now. It’s just begun its exploration of intoiterator style visitor traits, and much is left to discover (Send a PR!). Overall, the docs are improved.


Exploring different alternatives for UI for my debugger project: Conclusion: UI is hard.


I started building a toy Lisp interpreter inspired by many such toy interpreters (Peter Norvig’s Lispy, Fogus’ lithp, etc…). I have also started reading SICP (and will follow up with Lisp In Small Pieces, or rather the original French version “Principes d’Implantation de Scheme et de Lisp”), and I can’t wait to read both books more thoroughly since there’s a fantastic amount of subtlety in specifying the semantics and subsequent interpretation of a language even as simple as a Lisp. I have plenty of fun goals for that project, like making it a JIT at some point in the not so near future.


Working on the new codegen layer for my Elasticsearch client. I’m using aster this time instead of manually constructing ASTs from libsyntax.


Writing a few benchmarks for my template engine, Maud.

What I’ve got so far is okay, but a bit simplistic. I’d like to add more realistic examples, perhaps from existing application such as docs.rs.


I’m still working on cpp_to_rust. Currently I’m refactoring it, fixing bugs and writing future plans in the issue tracker.


I got back to working on Laze RS, my CouchDB-like database toolkit. After switching the whole thing over to futures over the last week, I’m currently back to implementing the CouchDB replication protocol as a state machine with support of the type system. I got through the first part of it yesterday, implementing the peer verification.

I also added a README and a contribution document


I’m working in an Android Dalvik executable file parser library, that will be part of SUPER in the future. You can check it here: https://github.com/SUPERAndroidAnalyzer/dalvik


I’m working on an implementation of an engine.io and socket.io client using tokio.


I’ve been finishing the exhaustive list of connection points in svgbobrus - an ascii to svg converter, in such a way that common minor connection points are rendered a little bit nicely. The rendered ascii art of spongebob is now a little bit traced and nice.