What markdown flavor is used by documentation comments?

Is it yet unspecified? hoedown library is used for markdown rendering, but looks like it predates CommonMark efforts.

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It is hoedown currently, but we would like to move towards some kind of CommonMark. It's not officially specified.

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Has this been clarified at all? The rustdoc docs say "rustdoc is using the commonmark markdown specification." And the Rust 2018 guide says "Today, we only support CommonMark."

But that doesn't seem to be right since rustdoc supports tables which aren't available in CommonMark. Does rustdoc support CommonMark with some set of extensions? If so, exactly what extensions does rustdoc support?

I'd like to submit a PR to fix the documentation so it clarifies which extensions to CommonMark rustdoc supports.

Yes, it is commonmark plus some extensions that are common with GFM.

I am not sure exactly what the list is, as I don't maintain rustdoc personally. Filing an issue might be the way to go if you want to get some help there.