What is up with yaml support in rust?

I need to parse some yaml files for my little Rust project and also convert the yaml ast into a string. Are there any crates for working with Yaml which are alive or reached the usable state?

I recommend the serde_yaml crate.

Or if you ned to parse/emit yaml directly instead of serializing to yaml, use yaml-rust

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But any serde crate is for converting a stream of data into a struct. I'd like to interact with Yaml's AST directly...

I checked it. It seems like it wasn't updated for a year. I know that's not a big problem and can be implemented with some little trickery, but it doesn't any straightforward way of converting the Yaml AST into a string

serde-yaml depends on yaml-rust, so I think that this is fine.

From the example on the crates.io page

    // Dump the YAML object
    let mut out_str = String::new();
        let mut emitter = YamlEmitter::new(&mut out_str);
        emitter.dump(doc).unwrap(); // dump the YAML object to a String
    println!("{}", out_str);

As far as I can see, the Yaml AST is represented with the Yaml enum, which you can emit using the emitter as in @RustyYato's example. I don't think it is a problem for it's last update to be a year ago if it is already feature complete.

Huh. Didn't notice it. Thank you for your help!

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