What is the possible causes for GUI memory leak

Hi there. In this case, I use the GUI library below: https://github.com/Gekkio/imgui-rs
I get some data from some api, pass them to imgui, and draw them out. There are basically two kinds of loops. One for getting data, and the other for GUI event handling.
But memory leak occurred, memory usage would increase by about 0.1mb/sec.
I also used another GUI library where the same problem occurred too, so I guess there might be some problems in common.
It also might be due to my misuse, as I am quite a rookie in Rust. So any help will be appreciated, if you could give some hints or happen to have some ideas about why this occurred.

It's very common to use a lot of Rc<RefCell<...>> in GUI code. Perhaps you have a reference cycle somewhere?

I used Arc and mutex to share data between the two loops. No Rc<RefCell<...>> was used.

Reference cycles are also possible with Arc.

I'm surprised that you need arc/mutex with imgui. Is your code posted anywhere?