What is StrippedItem in rustdoc?

hi, I have no idea about what variant StrippedItem of enum ItemKind in src/librustdoc/clean/types.rs is.

Ironically, I couldn't find any good documentation about stripped items in rustdoc. Stripped items are basically private items irrelevant for your public documentation, including:

  • hidden items:

    pub struct Foo;
  • private imports:

    extern crate foo;
    use foo::Foo;
  • private items:

    struct Foo;

The four submodules in rustdoc::passes, strip_hidden, strip_priv_imports, strip_private and stripper contain the source code of the passes rustdoc makes in order to strip your documentation from the items I listed above.

But can I do something to make Private items unsctripped?

Yes, with the --document-private-items cli option

Thank you. It works.

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