What is Rust-Analyzer's "flycheck"?

I cannot figure out what "flycheck" is.

I tried to look it up in the manual: User Manual

However, searching for "flycheck" produces no hits.

I tried to look it up on google, but I do not get explanations, only mentions of an emacs tool named flycheck, and people talking about RA's flycheck, but not providing a description of what it is.

What is it?

I gather It was the "check on save" functionality, and is now a generalized run checks via external background command mechanism.

The original Flycheck of Emacs is an editor plugin that runs the compiler/linter continuously and automatically, without even needing to save, providing instant feedback for the programmer on compiler/linter diagnostics.

(At least that was the theory. I tried it once and it was awfully slow.)

Anyway, the term has come to be generalized and now may denote any similar functionality, even outside Emacs.

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