What is required to address this lifetime issue with clap?


Consider the following code is fine.

        .about("my about")

I am trying to use the obfstr crate:

This sort of thing works perfectly fine:


However attempting to do this in the clap in the initial example:

        .about(obstr!("My string which is in the about.\n"))

Dies with this:

    |                creates a temporary which is freed while still in use
    |                cast requires that borrow lasts for `'static`

As far as I can work out, it's just a &str both before and after the macro, I can't work out why println! takes input that's so different to clap's about() or .help() which has the same issue, and I've tried variations of making a variable and calling clone() without being able to get around the inability to use this. Any assistance appreciated.

I haven't heard of the crate before and the documentation isn't entirely clear about its limitations.

But it looks like you can create a String from it which will work for you:

    .about(String::from(obfstr!("my about")))


    .about(obfstr!("my about").to_string())

Unbelievable, I had tried that second option and it didn't work. The first one however, whilst again looks to be the same, has resolved it.

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