What is better practice to implement Traits?

I started my studies about Rust recently and I saw some projects doing implementation of Traits in separate files, per example:


struct A {
 name: String


struct B {
  name: String

impl From<B> for A {
   fn from(b: B) -> A {
  A {
     name: b.name

Is it correct?

I had thought that the implementation of From Trait should be in a.rs.

No, there's no such restriction. Within a crate, you are allowed to split implementations across files. Of course the entities involved in the implementation must be visible at the place of the impl.


ok, but that makes the project disorganized, right? because I have some change behaviorals of struct distributed in separate files

Putting impl From<A> for B in either the module of A or the module of B should be fine. Which one you prefer is mostly a philosophical question. Obviously, scattering inherent impls of a simple type across files just because you can is usually not wise, but sometimes it can come in handy.

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Great, that is my point, thanks for your answers.

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