What if there were an official site and template for Rust-approved guides?


I was thinking about good stuff that makes Rust such a good ecosystem, among them we have:

All those makes Rust a great ecosystem that provides a lot of resources in a centralized and official way. I think this is a great and important aspect for a lot of developers that they don't have to google around and hope to find documentation or packages in some random bad comics sans-ish site in the web :grinning:.
It also guides crate developers to follow a common approach, deliver their libraries via Crates.io and related documentation via Docs.rs with a common interface. Everything is linked and navigable from Crates.io, that's a very cool thing!

So, I was wondering if it could make sense to create a new site (or maybe extending Docs.rs) that collects crate guides/tutorials and provides a standard template to follow to write a good Rust-approved tutorial/guide.

This of course would help developers that are trying to integrate external crates in their code, but also would help crate authors to write quality guides following a template, and maybe will also entice them to write it one :wink:

What do you think?


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