What happened to libc?


Maybe I got unlucky and caught something in the middle of a transition, but – what happened to libc?

The nightly documentation [1] still says to use libc from crates.io, but the libc crate on crates.io has been yanked [2]

What happened to it?

[1] https://doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/libc/
[2] https://crates.io/crates/libc


There was a mistake with the 0.1.11 release, so that was yanked, but I believe the 0.1.10 version should work. It may or may not be a bug that crates.io is implying that all versions of the crate are yanked (I’m following up with @alexcrichton).


Yes sorry 0.1.11 was published and then yanked, and I’ve fixed crates.io to now display the right version (0.1.10 as @huon mentioned). Sorry for the mixup!


:smile: A+ afterhours support! thank you! :hamburger: