What does "cc" mean?

I've seen people say something like "cc @Cyborus04" to 'ping' someone, but I'm not sure what it exactly means. Is it short for something (other than "Closed Captions" or "Carbon Copy")? When exactly should it be used?

It's "carbon copy" -- a way to notify a user without necessarily addressing them or expecting a reply.


Oh, so it is carbon copy. Thanks!

So, say, it would be okay to use it to notify Alice when asking a question about Tokio? (Though admittedly with how often they frequent this forum, it may not be necessary)

Remarkably quick reply, btw. Thanks

Well I don't have a clear set of etiquette rules for you, but generally no, I would not ping specific users on a topic unless they're already involved. Like, "cc NAME, this is what we were talking about on chat..." In your example about Tokio, Alice is enough of a regular here to surely see it in due time.


Ah, alright.

Thanks for your help!

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