What do you work on this week (5/2016)?


Another week has just begun. What are you folks up to?


I made PR just in the weekend for my Rust support in Tundra. https://github.com/deplinenoise/tundra/pull/273 And also released a new version of minifb https://github.com/emoon/rust_minifb which makes it a bit more general

Up this week is go on with the work on https://github.com/emoon/ProDBG and also help out a bit with a 68k emulator written in Rust over here https://github.com/marhel/r68k


I’m teaching multirust-rs to work with the new distribution manifest format so it can install additional components like cross std libs.


I’m getting started learning diesel!


I’m trying some bare metal stuff on my Raspberry Pi. Fun stuff.


Updated Cargo to 0.9 nightly to use all new features of IDEA plugin. Then realized I had to update it on the server too - versions should match to use same cargo.lock file.

Learned how to parse XML in Rust - at least serde_xml doesn’t panic on mailformed XML, thanks for it. I just can’t use parser which will kill whole server if some user will send mailformed XML to input.


Sounds like a bug to me, lock file format should be stable


Well, Cargo fails to download/unpack packages when using lock file 0.9 with 0.8 Cargo. After Cargo update all was compiled just fine. Not a big issue.


The lockfile format is considered an implementation detail. We don’t want to make it hard to upgrade, but it’s not going to be “stable” exactly, either.


I just published New Rustacean Bonus 3: Building as a community.

Probably won’t be till the next week’s installment but I’m working on two things for the show:

  1. The first interview.
  2. An episode on type systems. (Which is probably going to be at least as wrong as the episode on macros was! :stuck_out_tongue:)


If you need help figuring out the subtleties, let me know.


That’s… unfortunate. I’ve recently been doing a lot of multirust run 1.3.0 cargo testmultirust run 1.6.0 cargo test, and it’d be a huge pain to have dependency versions changing under me as I go.


Working on a caching DNS proxy for CDNs, similar to Cloudflare’s Virtual DNS service.
A prototype was written in Go, but I’m rewriting everything in Rust.


I’m starting learning Rust today! (=


I learn Rust by working through the tasks on adventofcode.com. Maybe I finish all of them until next christmas :smiley:. I have a lot of fun! Yesterday I made acquaintance with nom – beautiful. Professionally I work with Delphi and C++. Rust is a nice breeze of fresh air.