What do the layoffs at Mozilla mean for the WASM group?

I've liked the output of the Rust/WASM team ever since the initiative was first announced, and started using the tools developed by them not long after.

But now Mozilla is laying off a reported 25% of their workforce, which is a huge amount. I've read that among the laid off people are the Firefox dev tools team (R.I.P. both FF dev tools and the dev team behind it, I generally liked using it, but expected code rot will soon make that infeasible).
So I'm wondering if the Rust/WASM team (which provides critical infrastructure for people and companies that want to combine Rust, WASM and the Web) has been hit as well? I'm really hoping that that isn't the case.


sunfishcode (#1 contributor to Wasmtime) is fired, so it is pretty worrying.

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I agree, it's very unfortunate.

Let's wait for the official blog post about this event:

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Here's a list from Mozilla that includes Rust team members and others who list Rust in their brief resumés.

This is tragic. I hope everyone in the mozillalifeboat lands ashore in some place they can continue to do what they love.

More generally I worry that soon we will be left with Google Chrome, MS Edge Chrome, Opera Chrome, Firefox Chrome...

Is it really possible that the 7 billion people on this planet cannot support more diversity in the tool they use the most on their computers?

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