What choice of crate for 2D tile based game?

Hello community,

I'm wondering which crate to choose about a possible rewrite of my game. The current situation:

I wrote a game server in python (http + websockets). It is a roguelike/dungeon/dwarf fortress like game but multiplayer.

I wrote two GUI for it. First terminal compatible in python:

Second in Rust:
with doryen-rs (very good crate)

Now, i'm thinking about rewrite the Rust GUI with another crate. Doryen-rs is a very good choice for rogue-like game. But, I need to implement complex user interfaces (texts, buttons, choices, etc). And as rogue like game, Doryen-rs permit only tile based display. In other terms, my needs are:

  • Display a 2D tiled based game interface
  • Display interfaces with some complex things (window parts, texts, button, choices, images, etc)

I'm a little lost with engines crates list. I only see that amethyst is popular. But i don't know which one matching with my needs.

Anybody has some information about that ? Thanks by advance !

This article is still the best I've found for comparing Rust game frameworks: https://wiki.alopex.li/AGuideToRustGameFrameworks2019 (full disclosure - I wrote Tetra, which is one of the frameworks the author mentions, but I believe this post gives a good unbiased view!)

The main caveat to it is that the new alpha of Quicksilver has changed most of the API since that was written - more details on that are on the dev's blog: https://ryanisaacg.com/posts/quicksilver-chanukah-2019/

You could theoretically build the stuff you're looking for in any of the engines listed there, but I believe Coffee is the only one that has a UI toolkit built-in.


Great article ! Thanks very much. I will read that.

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