What can one build with rust?

Hi,rust newbie here. My question is what can one build with rust?.Are GUIs and system utilites possible with rust?

Thank you !

Short answer: :sparkling_heart: anything :sparkling_heart:

Rust is as low-level as C or C++, so you can write anything from operating systems, kernels and microcontroller firmware to web browsers and games.

Admittedly, there will be some corners where you notice how young rust is.

For example GUI is still difficult: the library connections to all the well-known GUI toolkits are still maturing.


great !!!!..been trying out rust...and its beautiful..finally we got a language that looks good and goes vrooooooooooooooommm!!! like a F1 Car ! :smile:

Indeed :slight_smile:

@juleskers put it really well. In practice, I experience this as the range over which Rust is effective, and that range is continously expanding until the vision of writing literally anything with Rust aligns with reality.

As a concrete example, I've been thinking about writing a VueJS like library in rust. The main difference would be static type checking everywhere, including for templates.
As a free added bonus, when WebAassembly gains true multithreading support, the same Rust code would be a recompile away from leveraging that improvement, something that isn't possible in JavaScript.

Another thing which got some attention a while ago, but should not be forgotten, in my opinion: Rust can breathe new life into old C code.

I'm converting an abandoned C library into Rust (on my way to building new things), and it's been a good way for me to learn the language. Particularly all the things it protects you from with the unsafe keyword. :smile:

My benchmarks are not representative of the final code yet, but there is only a 2-3% difference in performance between my Rust and the original C. What's much more impressive is, for the most part, making the code more Rust-like -- e.g. replacing loops with iterators -- is making the Rust code faster, not slower.

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