What can I build with rust?

Hello ! Hello ! I'm new to Rust . I have programmed in python and ruby , I wanted to try rust to learn more low level stuff like the stack and heap . Languages such as JS is used to build mobile apps ,desktop apps and web apps, python for data science and web dev . What are some of the primary use cases where rust shines ?

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1 System programming ( Microsoft adopted rust : How Microsoft Is Adopting Rust. Microsoft is finally starting to shift… | by Jack Martin | Medium)
2 Devise drivers
3 Sever side programming (Amazon aws )
4 Block chain development (Facebook Libra Digital currency use rust)
5 browser engine (Mozilla servo https://servo.org/)
6 Game engine

Any application that required safety and high performance

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Actix Web is a great back-end web framework, both in terms of design and performance.

Amethyst is an amazing game engine that I would highly recommend. In terms of physics engines I would recommend Rapier.

Have a look at the following repository for more information: GitHub - UgurcanAkkok/AreWeRustYet: Awesome list of "Are We *thing* Yet" for Rust

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