What arguments should i pass to gstreamer::ElementFactory::make function for accessing builtin webcam on Linux and macOS?

Hi all!

This is the documentation for the relevant fn:

pub fn make(factoryname: &str, name: Option<&str>) -> Option<Element>

I’m trying to display the video stream captured from built-in webcam inside a gtk::Box widget. Yet, i can’t figure out the correct arguments for creating a webcam video source with:

let src = gstreamer::ElementFactory::make("videotestsrc", None).unwrap();

An empty video source widget (for testing) is created and being displayed successfully using the arguments above. I assume there is an enum with valid options somewhere in gstreamer-rs code but i can’t find it.

Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance!

PS. After some experimentation, using make(“v4l2src”, None) seems to work on Linux.