What are the libraries related to satellite navigation, inertial navigation, and integrated navigation in rust? I am a related practitioner and want to learn

Generally speaking, such libraries are written in c/c++, but I want to do something different

Lib.rs is the easiest way to find libraries, but there's not many good looking results I could find with obvious terms:

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thanks, i wana know the difference between crate.io and lib.rs

crates.io is the official site for the default cargo registry, lib.rs is a third-party site with better organization and search. They show the same information, but lib.rs is a lot nicer.


Crates.io is the official registry, while lib.rs is a community-created index with less bloat. They both refer to the same set of crates. There's no substantial difference between looking up stuff in either.


Speaking of lib.rs, it has a category full of various GIS libraries.


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