What are some good tutorials/resources that explain concepts unique to Rust?

Title says it all: looking for tutorials or resources that focus only on the concepts that are unique to Rust and not most other programming languages.

For context: the reason is that there's a new blockchain platform call Substrate that is written in Rust, and a lot of developers want to explore it, but they aren't familiar with Rust so it's hard to get into. Finding tutorials that focus only on the concepts that would be new to a developer coming from other programming languages would be great and allow many more people to start exploring Rust :slight_smile:

Btw I'm aggregating resources here if anyone's interested in checking it out:

I don't think that it is possible to learn Rust only by teaching some of its (unique) features. However, your thread provides the best resources already.
What I mostly recommend when I'm trying to convince a fellow programmer to using Rust is watching an introduction talk. There are several good videos on youtube.
My favorit talk is this one by Sergio Benitez (the main maintainer of rocket). He does a well job in explaining the concept of borrowing and ownership, concurrency and some basic ideas what macros can do.

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Explaining the concepts that are the most different about Rust is the main goal of Rust in Motion, a video series through Manning that @shepmaster and I are producing :slight_smile: It is paid, and it's currently in Manning's Early Access Program, so it's not all available yet but will be soon :slight_smile:


Thanks! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Also rocket looks really cool :slight_smile:

Yeah I heard you guys mention that on the New Rustacean podcast, but I really need resources that are FOSS that anyone can access in 1-click. The context is Reddit, so it only works if it's fast and easy. Stoked that you guys are building so much cool stuff though :slight_smile: