What are our choices for a charting library?

I want to write a desktop tool that analyzes different information from certain cryptocurrency exchanges.

But I need a charting library to plot things easily.

I do not want to use a web server + browser client. I want to create a true desktop application.

I know Relm uses GTK, and GTK has GooCharts, but I don't know how easy it would be to use one with the other.

Basically my "stack" is going to be some websocket library (hopefully something tokio friendly), and whatever UI library satisfies this.

You could always help me with my charting library, which is already a work in progress. It currently uses SDL2 as the backend, but it is designed to be backend agnostic, and I want to add an image backend as well, which would use the image crate to just draw charts directly to image files as an alternative to an interactive GUI system for people who want to generate charts in a batch job.

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Wow, this is just enough for what I need.

I wonder if it could be combined with other UI kits based on SDL2 for Rust.

Unfortunately I have no time, nor the expertise, to write good Rust libraries. Otherwise I would help wherever I can.

Thank you very much and continue to work on this great library :smile: Maybe if you combine your work with another SDL2 UI kit it will progress more quickly.

If you don't mind using webkit2gtk, you can simply render an HTML page in memory and display it within a webkit view in a GTK application. I've just released a GTK3 application which makes use of webkit2gtk which you could use as an example: https://github.com/mmstick/fontfinder