Wgpu / wasm32 hide/lock cursor

I'm on Rust compiled to Chrome/wasm32. I have a canvas that is rendering via wgpu.

I would like to hide + "lock" the cursor (as one would expect a FPS style game to).

I am trying:

        // window: winit:;window::Window
        web_sys::console::log_1(&"hiding cursor".into());

            .or_else(|_e| window.set_cursor_grab(CursorGrabMode::Locked))


It is doing nothing. The "hiding cursor" line appears in Google chrome dev console, but the cursor is neither hidden nor locked in the web browser.

Question: am I (1) calling the wrong functions or (2) calling the right functions but in the wrong place or (3) need some other magical incantation to hide + lock more cursor ?


Figured out the issue:

The code is correct, but it can not be called during initialization. It must be called during some "user event handler".

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