Weird framework-y crate design

Can I make a crate that asks the user to make a library exposing a custom start function that takes parameters, and then builds a different, which wraps around that start function?

I’m guessing cargo-apk does something that sort-of resembles this.

That’s a similar plugin architecture to what I’m doing with mdbook, except instead of doing it at a binary level (where each library has a known entry point like start), a “plugin” is an executable which receives input via stdin and writes output to stdout. Here’s the chapter from the user guide explaining how this works.

Otherwise in my FFI guide I go through a more similar use case in great detail, where you’re using dlopen() and the plugin exposes a known C API and your application loads that DLL/Shared Object at runtime.

I think your recompiling method and calling a custom start function may be a little inflexible, seeing as you essentially need to recompile a for every plugin library.