Web App Multitenant


Is it possible to prepare a multi tenant application with Actix, ntex or axum?

For example, I want to get the database settings after checking the request header and getting the site name. (X-Application-Site) We can achieve this using the code request.headers.get('X-Application-Site-Name') with Python. If I can create a structure this way, I can get the settings from the site's folder and use separate database for each site.

But I couldn't find how to go about it. I am planning to read settings from json file by checking database and all settings in request header.

Example json file:

 "db_name": "_452bb8a54116ac67",
 "db_password": "4eFlqrOeu6abyZTR",
 "db_type": "postgresql",
 "limits": {
  "emails": 1500,
  "expiry": "2030-01-01",
  "space": 50.0,
  "users": 50

I'll be happy if you can help me.

I suppose you could do something like this

use axum::{
    extract::{Extension, FromRequest, RequestParts},
    response::{IntoResponse, Response},

async fn main() {
    let databases = Databases {};

    let app = Router::new()
        .route("/", get(handler))


struct Databases {}

impl Databases {
    fn get_database_for_site(&self, application_site_name: &str) -> Option<DatabaseForSite> {

impl<B> FromRequest<B> for DatabaseForSite
    B: Send,
    type Rejection = Response;

    async fn from_request(req: &mut RequestParts<B>) -> Result<Self, Self::Rejection> {
        // look up the header
        let application_site_name = req
            .ok_or_else(|| StatusCode::INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.into_response())?
            .and_then(|value| value.to_str().ok())
            .ok_or_else(|| {
                    "x-application-site-name header missing",

        // get the database for the site name
        let databases = req
            .ok_or_else(|| StatusCode::INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.into_response())?
            .ok_or_else(|| StatusCode::INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.into_response())?;

        let database = databases
            .ok_or_else(|| StatusCode::BAD_REQUEST.into_response())?;


struct DatabaseForSite {}

async fn handler(db: DatabaseForSite) -> impl IntoResponse {
    // use the database

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