Ways to improve my crate?

I created a crate called borrow_trait, which provides 2 traits for immutably and mutably borrowing from different kinds of RefCells and wrappers like Arc<RefCell>.
I am not sure if there is anything I can improve or add :confused:

struct AcceptsBound<'a, C, T>
    T: BorrowRef<'a, Target = C>,
    C: Read
    value: T,
    _c: PhantomData<&'a C>,
let value = AcceptsBound {
   value: Cursor::new(vec![]),
   _c: PhantomData


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Instead of implementing for &T and &mut T directly, you can use blanket impls that forward to T, like this,

impl<'a, 'b: 'a, T: 'a + BorrowRef<'a>> BorrowRef<'a> for &'b T {
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Arc<RefCell<T>> is not Send as RefCell<T> is not Send, so it's not more useful than Rc<RefCell<T>>. But it still increment/decrement its counter with atomic operation which comes with its cost, while guaranteed to be single thread access.