Watching Rust evolve - ?changelog

The introductory book; docs; and other references, are extraordinary as an introduction. So, thanks to those putting in the effort into those.

Is there a simple way to see the difference in Rust over time?.. Is there a changelog or a feature perhaps via GitHub that does this naturally?? I wonder having some simple summary every quarter, suggesting what new features and changes have occurred, could be really useful. is one site which has a weekly changelog of features and breaking changes made in rust. It hasn't been happening for that long, but it's a nice weekly update on what's happening. is a good general overview of what's happened for each release. Since these are on a schedule of every 6 weeks, this sounds like what you're looking for if you want to look into Rust's past.

Are you interested mostly in future changes or changes that occurred in rust before 1.0?

There is also

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I just updated archaea to account for the last 2 years of work.


I like how foreach-nested, the first one I looked at, goes from using for each loops and a generator... to function calls with closures, completely removing all explicit loops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious about awareness of future changes.. want to avoid reading another book but want to make use of new features and note any unstable that become stable.

I was looking for something like - and then that with an option to set the start date. So, the diff of what I knew at date() to now().

The is good.

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I sometimes wonder whether we can expect some syntactical sugar to be added to the language.
Is the syntax considered frozen or might there be some changes over time? Always in a backward compatible manner of course.