Watch for Windows process creation in Rust

In Python, we have a library wmi, the wrapper on pywin32 extention that can do this:

import wmi

c = wmi.WMI()
process_watcher = c.Win32_Process.watch_for("creation")
while True:
    new_process = process_watcher()
    print(new_process.Caption, new_process.ProcessId)

The previous code watches for new process creation in Windows, then prints its name and id.
How can I achieve something similar in Rust? Thank you.

Got it
Here is how it's done:

use std::collections::HashMap;
use std::time::Duration;
use serde::{Deserialize};
use wmi::*;

#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
#[serde(rename = "__InstanceCreationEvent")]
#[serde(rename_all = "PascalCase")]
struct NewProcessEvent {
    target_instance: Process

#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
#[serde(rename = "Win32_Process")]
#[serde(rename_all = "PascalCase")]
struct Process {
    process_id: u32,
    name: String,
    executable_path: Option<String>,

fn main() {
    let mut filters = HashMap::<String, FilterValue>::new();

    filters.insert("TargetInstance".to_owned(), FilterValue::is_a::<Process>().unwrap());
    let wmi_con = WMIConnection::new(COMLibrary::new().unwrap()).unwrap();
    let iterator = wmi_con.filtered_notification::<NewProcessEvent>(&filters, Some(Duration::from_secs(1))).unwrap();

    for result in iterator {
        let process = result.unwrap().target_instance;
        println!("New process!");
        println!("PID:        {}", process.process_id);
        println!("Name:       {}",;
        println!("Executable: {:?}", process.executable_path);


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