WASM after "Hello World"?


As a next step in the learning process, would it make sense to dive into WASM? I have a use case and I am not desperate to learn JS - but learning Rust will continue to be an on-going project for me . . (my background is C and Ruby).


Perhaps not right away. Have you gotten through the entire Rust book?

Here's some simple RustWASM that detects changes in one text box and reflects them in another. If that doesn't look too scary (in terms of language features), then you might be able to progress into WASM.

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Sure, why not?

I could not resist compiling one of my first ever Rust programs to WASM and getting it running in the browser (and under node.js) only weeks after starting with Rust.

Admittedly that was a self-contained lump of computation, called from JS, with no direct interaction with the the DOM. But enough to satisfy me it worked well.

I just used wasm-bindgen to create the binding between JS and Rust/WASM. Recently I learned wasmpack should make all this easier.

Do learn some JS. It's a wonderful language, despite what people say.

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