Warp: Convert hyper::Body to a String?

Hi there,

I'm trying to glue together oxide-auth and warp and I'm trying to convert an impl warp::reply::Reply to a oxide_auth::frontends::simple::request::Response

I'm facing multiple issues, but the one for this question is that I want to convert the hyper::Body that is in http::Response into a String so I can put it as body in the oxide-auth's response object.

I've seen the use of hyper::body::to_bytes but it's async and I'm in the From::from() implementation which is not async…

How can I get a String out of an hyper::Body easily?

You can't do it in a From impl, because the entire body might not have been received yet.

First, thank you again for your answer, @alice :slight_smile:

In my case, it is, because the warp::Response is the one I built to be sent. I guess I have to do a method in my wrapper (which has lifetime issue as well) to do the conversion then.

pub struct OAuthResponse {
    inner: Box<dyn Reply>,

impl OAuthResponse {
    pub fn new(rep: impl Reply) -> Self {
        OAuthResponse {
            inner: Box::new(rep),

    pub fn into_inner(self) -> Box<dyn Reply> {

I don't really know anything about warp, but surely it allows you to provide a body that provides data in an async way, and not everything all at once.

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