Wannnabe friends with me?

Hey, anybody wanna be friends with me? I know Python,RUST,C,C++,JAVASCRIPT, and have been exposed to machine learning, data analysis, web programming, web programming. I can share my experience and insights with everyone.This is my email:



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What? People still have hotmail accounts?


Hey, don't be mean.


Hi, welcome to this forum. I think it’s a great idea to try to find people you can talk to personally, about Rust and other programming topics. On the other hand, it’s a bit counter to the purposes of this forum if your only interaction with it is asking people to connect to you off-platform (via email).

But I think this topic you opened can serve well as a self-introduction on this forum; that is, if you’re planning to further participate in the public discussions in this forum, too. Which can be a great idea anyways:

  • Maybe it’ll becomes more interesting for people to interact with you when they have a bit more of a feeling what kind of contributions to discussions you are capable of. In a forum like this, both asking reasonable questions and providing answers for others can each tell people more about yourself and make a “good impression”
    • good questions can show your interest and status of learning of Rust, for example, which other learners might relate to
    • good answers can show people how you’re able to provide useful insights in interactions
  • Once you interact a little bit with the forum, you can also use PMs for personal communication. People who want to talk to you can do so more safely on-platform via PMs than off-platform via email: PMs include no obligation to share personal e-mail address, and with the possibility to flag problematic behavior for moderation.
  • You can also put a little self-description into your profile page (the “About Me” section; you can find that in the settings), so if you’re becoming an active member of this forum, that’s a way people you interact with or read your replies can learn more about you.
    • free to even leave a note there, too, for people reading your profile, inviting them to contact you via PM or email if they want to talk to you
    • this self-description is easily visible for anyone who clicks on your name of profile picture. For example of you click on @kornel's name (or picture) above (or even in this mention), you can easily see what they had to say about themself in the pop-up that appears.

I have had the same @hotmail since the 00s. I keep it around as a throwaway. lol. I do still get messages from old friends. Maybe this is a way to filter their email.

I still can get mail from geocities. :sunglasses:


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