VScode workspace and linkedProjects

I have vscode workspace with three folders in it. Each folder contains it's own cargo workspace. First folder also contains some subdirectory, which isn't member of workspace. So I have following dir tree:

<vscode workspace>
-> project1 <cargo workspace1>
- ->  subdirectory1 <member of cargo workspace1>
- ->  subdirectory2 <member of cargo workspace1>
- ->  subdirectory3 <not a member>
-> project2 <cargo workspace2>
-> project3 <cargo workspace3>

When I have rust-analyzer.linkedProjects: [], auto-discovery found every of 3 cargo workspaces in vscode workspace and analyze each of them, but skips subdirectory3.

When I add subdirectory3 to settings:

rust-analyzer.linkerProjects: [

I got analyzed only cargo workspace1 + subdirectory3, but cargo workspace2 and workspace3 remain unanalyzed.

I tried to use ${workspaceFolder} variable of vscode, tried to type relative paths - nothing work.

How can I specify not only cargo workspace1 (top one in vscode workspace) + subdirectory3, but also cargo workspace2 and workspace3?

Ok, I found first solution:
If I specify absolute path to folders, it helps. But it's not desired solution, because when I dynamically add folder to vscode workspace, I want it to be added to list of linkedProjects as well

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