[VSCODE][Rust analyzer] Rust server is stuck on Starting : cyclic dependency error


The rust server is stuck on the "Starting" stage in VSCode. Rust-analyzer output show the following error message :

[ERROR ra_project_model] cyclic dependency diesel_derives -> diesel

  • Project / Workspace : Diesel
  • rustc 1.40.0 (73528e339 2019-12-16)
  • VSCode 1.47.3
  • WSL Ubuntu 18.04 - Linux home 4.4.0-18362-Microsoft #836-Microsoft Mon May 05 16:04:00 PST 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Also, Rust-analyzer consumes 80% of CPU (with 3 processes) in starting stage, and 60% when the rust server is stopped (the processes aren't killed?).

How can I fix this error? It seems to explain why the Rust server doesn't start. Please note that it works with RLS.

For some reason, using directly the rust-analyzer extension and not the Rust one (with the engine configured with rust-analyzer) seems to work.

Do you have any information about that?

rust-lang.rust extension does not fully support rust-analyzer at the moment. We will fix that soon-ish, but for the time being the recommended way to use rust-analyzer is via matklad.rust-analyzer extension.

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Ok, thank you.

I don't know if the features listed here are ready for workspace? I'm experiencing some issues and I don't know if it's directly related to the use of the rust-analyzer extension or it's not ready for workspaces.

Apparently the extension is loaded, I can see the outputs from the server and from the client. I still have this error [ERROR ra_project_model] cyclic dependency diesel_derives -> diesel but I don't know if it's a blocking one.

I still have my CPU heavily (> 60%) used by rust-analyzer-linux but the main features aren't available : code completion, goto implem/definition, ...

Do I need to open an issue on the main repository?

Looking to the server logs, when killing a process, I can see these logs :

ERROR ra_project_model] cyclic dependency diesel_derives -> diesel
[Info  - 11:40:43 PM] Connection to server got closed. Server will restart.
[ERROR ra_project_model] cyclic dependency diesel_derives -> diesel

Apparently processes aren't killed / duplicated when I shutdown / start VSCode (or the rust-analyzer extension). I don't know if it's related to the error / to the workspace that needs more process. And for now it doesn't explain why the features aren't working.

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