VSCode populate match enums?

Maybe I was dreaming, but I remember a few times VSCode populated some enums when writing a match for them in VSCode. However, it doesn't do that now. Is that something that the library I was using at the time did to enable some hints to the VSCode engine, or what?

Or was I dreaming and someone just needs to write this plugin? Because it really really was handy and a (finger and) time saver!

You can put the cursor inside the {} of the match and then either click on the lightbulb or use ctrl+. and then use the "Fill match arms" assist.

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I guess I need to explore more into what it does that isn't just in your face obvious. Or maybe that should have been obvious, but it wasn't for me, lol.

You can find a lot more assist you might find useful in the rust-analyzer manual.

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