Visual Studio-like configuration management for Rust?

Is there any way to get a Visual Studio-like pulldown configuration toggle in VSCode for Rust? Or are there any well-supported Rust IDEs that provide this functionality? There's an old Visual Studio plugin for Rust but I've never gotten it to work as well as the VSCode plugins.

Something like:

Specifically, I'd like to be able to switch between configs for #[cfg] blocks. Right now I have very little control over which blocks are active and which are grayed out. I have some mutually exclusive #[cfg] blocks so I can't have a single build configuration that enables them all, and so I'd like to be able to switch between them quickly to iterate on code.

IntelliJ-Rust allows creating many run configurations with any cargo arguments and quickly switch between them using the dropdown menu:


UPD: if you were talking about enabling-disabling features to affect the IDE's code analysis, you can do this using gutter icons in the Cargo.toml file:



Is there anything like that to enable/disable feature functionality for other #[cfg] options? One of the things I'm trying to find support for is custom config conditionals and controlling when blocks are active/grayed based on those.

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