Visual Studio Code: CTRL+F5 is slow

I have the LLDB and the Rust extensions installed. I can happily press F5 to debug, CTRL+F5 to run. Hitting CTRL+F5 results in a 'silent' pause for about 7-10 seconds before the (simple) application starts. I believe this is because the LLDB infrastructure is starting up before launching the application (even though it is not actively being debugged).
If I use the command palette and choose 'Run Task/Cargo Run', the application starts in about a second. Similarly for typing cargo run in the terminal.
So how do I execute 'cargo run' from CTRL+F5 instead of having LLDB get in the way? (I want it for debug, obviously!)

Maybe CTRL+F5 does an optimized build? How long time does cargo build --release take in a terminal?

If you hit CTRL+F5 again without changing any code, does the program start running directly?

Release build is fast in the terminal; as I mentioned, I can see LLDB start up (I also see the stop/play etc. Button bar appear; as if it were about to debug). I would be interested to know if I’m the only one seeing this difference. I guess i just need some way to launch with cargo run, using a single key sequence

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